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Mini Bluetooth Label Maker



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OFFNOVA Mini Bluetooth Label Maker

This label maker can create creative icon stickers that are perfect for your home or office organizing, journal decoration or gift wrappers. With its portable design and Bluetooth connectivity, this label maker is very easy to use. Plus, it is compatible with a variety of tapes in different colors and patterns, so you can really customize your labels.


· Mini Label Maker: It's a neat little label maker that's ideal for organizing your fridge, wires, and especially your kitchen jars or spices. It's only the size of a smartphone which makes it easy to label just about anything, at any place.

· Cost Less: The little maker uses direct thermal technology, you’ll save on the cost of ink and toner. To get you started, you'll get one free self-adhesive label tape and one Type-C rechargeable cable.

· Multiple Templates: Easy to pair it with the compatible APP "Clabel Mini" to print your stickers over Bluetooth. It also features a range of selection of icons, frames, barcodes, and borders, which is fun for making creative labels to use in your daily life.

· Type-C Rechargeable: The mini label maker has a built-in 1500 mAh long-lasting battery that prints continuously up to 15 rolls of labels. It supports Type-C charging interface, convenient and fast charging!

· Application Scene: With various pre-designed templates, you can make labels up to 15mm width. Suitable for home storage, office classification, school information management, journal design etc. Get your home & office organized in minutes.