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14"x16" Heat Press Mat


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· The heat press mat works for any sizes of Cricut Easypress / Easypress 2 and mini, range from 4”x3” to 15”x15” heat press machines.

· By simply glide the heat press mat under your T-shirts, it can provide provides a smooth surface for a perfect ironing transfer.

· The mat is made of fire retardant fabric. It is placed underneath to avoid burns and protect the workbench very well. No worry to damage your worktop when you are enjoying the happiness of DIY.

· The mat is provided with storage bags, with which you can pack the mat, transfer vinyl sheets, tools, and some scattered printing materials after use. It is convenient to clean the workbench and less time involved.

· With lovely Pink Dogwood and Gray Bear, you can also send it to your friends as a gift.