How To Solve Off-Center Printing of Circular Thermal Labels


Many users have reported issues with off-center printing when using circular thermal labels, resulting in wasted label paper and frustration. Fortunately, there are simple solutions to this problem that can help users adjust their print settings effectively.

First and foremost, regardless of the operating system, users should ensure that the paper size selected in the page setup matches the actual size of the labels being used. Often, users may switch from printing on 4x6 inch labels to 2.25x2.25 inch labels without adjusting the settings accordingly, leading to misalignment of the printed pattern.

Once the page setup is confirmed to be correct, users can follow these steps to adjust the print settings:

For Windows users:
> Enter the page setup menu and navigate to 'Options'.
> Adjust the 'horizontal offset and vertical offset' parameters to move the pattern to the desired position.

For Mac OS users:
> Click on 'paper size' in the page setup menu.
> A pop-up window will appear; click on 'manage custom sizes'.
> Adjust the Top/bottom/left/right parameters to adjust the position of the pattern.

For Chromebook users:
> Click on "More settings" in the print menu.
> Select "custom" in the Scale dropdown menu.

Adjust the values in the provided box. Chromebook's interface may differ from other operating systems, so it's important to adjust only the necessary parameter. Avoid selecting any additional options to prevent unintended patterns from being printed.

It's recommended to adjust the settings in increments of 1mm for more precise adjustments. Typically, users may need to experiment with different parameters initially, printing test labels to check for alignment. With 2-3 rounds of adjustments and testing, users can usually achieve a centered printing position.

By following these simple steps and experimenting with the print settings, users can effectively solve the issue of off-center printing when using circular thermal labels with their thermal printers.

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