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Qiyue | 2020/12/09
It’s very easy to use. Printing very well and I am very satisfied with it.
Alisha H. | 2021/5/6
It did the exact same job I was able to save money and able to press these beautiful shirts.
Gadget | 2021/1/25
Very simple to use. Instructions fairly easy to follow. The included vinyl sheets are a bonus!! My kids wanted graphics on their tees, so we used it for that as well.
Zae | 2020/1/5
Love the size and weight. You can see it resting on my 11inch ipad and my HP envy for size comparison. Took me 2 tried to align the size so that it can print properly but haven’t had any problems since setting it up correctly.
DDETRIK | 2020/7/13
LOVE this machine! As we are starting homeschool, I needed something to help me organize the curriculum. This binding machine is perfect and it is a fun color too! GREAT purchase!