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Sublimation Blank Mouse Pads, 12 Pieces

Sublimation Blank Mouse Pads

9x9 Heat Press Machine

9"x9" Heat Press Machine

14"x16" Heat Press Mat

Heat Press Mat


Our Story

Founded in the spring of 2020, OFFNOVA it’s a brand with an INSPIRATIONAL NATURE. Since the pandemic, more and more people are starting their own business, as their main job or part time, to increase their income. Centered around small business support and office related scene, OFFNOVA is meant to bring vitality and passion to your business life. 

“My wife and her friends used to DIY some small crafts and sold them online. They were trying to make work more interesting.” said the founder of OFFNOVA. He could feel the dynamism of this kind of home business.

Functionality overshadowed buyers' psychological needs, such as their interests and lifestyle choices. But office supplies shouldn't be monotonous, so OFFNOVA sets out to bring back the interest and lightheartedness.


Alex | 2022/02/09
It works well. It even came with the holding cradle, 2 sheets of HT Vinyl and a little canvas bag to try it out on.
Alisha H. | 2021/11/03
I would highly recommend the mini heat press for anyone who didn’t want to deal with a large press.
Venessa | 2021/01/25
Easy setup following included directions for my mac. Really no complaints at all. Goin to try labels/stickers next.
Zoe | 2021/11/05
Nice printing! This is the first brand I've seen the colored labels. So fascinating! I love them so much!
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