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DTF Pigment Ink (CMYK + White)


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How does a DTF powder curing oven work?

A Direct to Film Powder Curing Oven works by using heat to melt and cure the powder coating onto the product. The oven heats up the product and the powder coating to a specific temperature, causing the powder to melt and flow onto the product's surface. The powder then cures into a hard, durable finish.

What is the purpose of the DTF curing oven? If you have a heat press is the oven necessary?
What happens if I cure the print for longer than usual? Does it damage the print?
My oven won't heat up to the proper temperature. What can I do?
Is it okay if the film is a little crooked when placed in the oven?
Is the oven heat panel at 302℉ or is the print surface supposed to be at 302℉? Also, what's the height between the heat panel and the film?
Can I put in a stack of film all at once?
What is the warranty policy?

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